Instructionally Related Activities

IRA-Instructionally Related Activities


  • Per Executive Order 290, 3/28/78
  • EO 429, 12/30/83
  • Superseded by EO 661
  • Superseded by EO 1102
  • Ed Code 89230 defines “IRA”

Reports to:

The Student Fee Advisory Committee

Advisory to:

University President


  • Associated Students Executive Vice President, shall serve as chair
  • Associated Students Vice President of Finance, or designee
  • 2 Students at Large appointed by Associated Students
  • 3 Faculty members appointed by the Academic Senate

Non-Voting Members:

Potential non-voting members of the committee, serving as staff in person or by designee:

  • SSU Associated Vice President for Academic Resources; and/or
  • SSU Senior Director of Budget; and/or
  • SSU Administrative and Financial Planning Director for Student Affairs

Term and Appointment:

By position or appointment as recommended on an annual basis.

Meeting Schedule:

One hour monthly meetings during academic semesters. Does not meet in the summer session.

Charge to Committee:

  1. Make recommendations on the allocation of IRA fees to one-time annual allocations to eligible programs;
  2. Annually review and make determinations of program IRA eligibility;
  3. Establish and annually renew process to apply for one-time annual funds;
  4. Make recommendations to the SFAC on potential increases or reductions to the IRA fee.

Current Year Membership:

  • Noelia "Nellie" Brambila Perez, Associated Students Executive Vice President
  • Jonathan Juarez Dominguez; Associated Students  Vice President for Finance
  • Katryna "Kat" Johnson; Student at large
  • Justin Arenson; Student at large
  • Emily Acosta Lewis; Faculty, Communication Studies
  • Lauren Morimoto; Faculty, Kinesiology
  • Jordon Rose; Faculty, Nursing

Non-Voting Members:

  • Mike Ogg, Director of Continuous Improvement, Academic Affairs
  • Natalie Sanchez, Senior Director of Budget, University Budget and Planning
  • Anna Reynolds-Smith, Dir., Administrative and Financial Planning, Student Affairs and staff support to the committee