Office of the Vice President

From the Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Sawyer

Dr. Wm. Gregory Sawyer 
Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Wm. Gregory Sawyer 
Vice President for Student Affairs

Welcome Seawolves! We are so excited to have you back in school and to get the Fall semester underway. Whether you live locally or somewhere around the state or country, we are looking forward to sharing our Noma Nation family spirit, student programs, and services with both our new and returning students. WELCOME!

We acknowledge that your university experience may look different this semester as you approach it from a remote and virtual lens. Still, the quality of instruction, programs and services that you receive will continue to be delivered at the highest level. We recognize that online instruction is familiar to some learners and new for others. With that in mind, the Division of Student Affairs at Sonoma State University is committed to continuing its culture of care through its many programs and services that nurture student success, academic excellence and innovation, leadership cultivation and transformative student development. More now than ever, our Noma Nation family needs to dig in and take care of one another. This includes taking care of ourselves. 

Together we will find ways to thrive in this new environment brought about by COVID-19 and critical racial and social issues. After all, social media and virtual communication platforms are nothing new to us! Although this may not be our preferred form of engagement, it is definitely our safest during this worldwide pandemic. Our number one priority at SSU is your safety; therefore, we understand that in order for you to be academically successful, it is critical that we provide you with timely and efficient remote access to support programs and services. While sheltering in place, the Division of Student Affairs spent countless hours preparing for your fall 2020 “arrival,” and we continue to question, problem-solve, and adapt our student programs, services and activities to create a quality virtual student experience for every new and returning Seawolf.

With that goal in mind, at the bottom of this message, we have listed a few key connection points to help you successfully navigate our new online space.  Also, please be on the lookout for more check-ins from us. We want to know how you are doing and how we can continue to assist you throughout the semester. 

At the beginning of each school year, I typically invite students to say, “Hey Doc!” if they see me on campus so we can get to know each other. Since we are not able to have our greeting in person this semester, I invite you to follow me on my new Instagram account @docsawyerssu in order for us to stay connected. Through this Instagram account, I will be sharing news, opportunities, and the amazing work happening in our Seawolf community. 

The Sonoma State of Mind is with you everywhere, no matter where you are . . . from the moment you become a Seawolf through matriculation, graduation and beyond. It’s the relationships which you build. It’s the knowledge, awareness, and skills that equip you to take the lead in pursuing a purposeful and meaningful life. We are bound together by our shared Seawolf Commitment of integrity, respect, excellence and responsibility. Be well, be safe and be thoughtful and caring members of our community. Welcome again and let’s have an incredible Noma Nation fall 2020 semester! 

I look forward to seeing you on Instagram! 


~ Doc

Wm. Gregory Sawyer, PhD
Vice President for Student Affairs