Course Fee Guidelines & Application Process

Purpose of Course Fees:

Course fees may be approved and implemented if they meet any of the following conditions:

  • They pay for the cost of activities related to a course (e.g. field trip, tickets to off-campus lecture or event);
  • They provide students with an object or product of value (e.g. artwork, safety gear); or,
  • They cover costs associated with specific courses (e.g. specialized equipment or materials, risk management, laboratory supplies or expendable products).

SSU Course Fee Policy:

SSU has established a Course Fees Policy to be followed for the establishment and continuation of all campus-based course fees. Course fees are not intended to replace general operating costs, which are to be paid from the general university fee. 

Approved Fee Ranges:

  • The campus President is delegated authority to establish Category III fees (Course Fees) within ranges established by the Chancellor as follows:
    • $0 - $150: Fees that supplement the basic complement of classroom and laboratory instruction by providing materials and services that would otherwise be unavailable to students, and which allow students to meet the educational objectives of a given course.

    • $0 - $3,000: Fees for courses that require field trips or travel off campus in order to meet the educational objectives of a given course.

Course Fee Application Process

  1. Complete Course Fee Application form.
  2. Applications will be submitted by the Department Chair.
  3. Completed applications for a Fall fee must be submitted by the first day of the preceding spring semester.
  4. Applications will be reviewed and approved by the Dean of the School and the AVP for Academic Resources.
  5. Approved applications will be forwarded to the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) for their review and recommendation.
  6. SFAC recommendation on the proposed course fee will be due to the President’s office no later than March 1.
  7. Presidential approval to amend or institute a new fee will be issued by April 1 in order to have the fall fee move forward for the coming semester.
  8. Once presidential approval has been received, an Agreement for Establishment or Continuation of a Fee Based University Trust fund form needs to be completed and filed with the University Controller (Financial Services) before any monies may be collected or dispersed. If a course fee change is requested, the approved Trust Fund Agreement form is required to be submitted to Financial Services ten business days prior to the start of registration for a given semester to allow time for implementation.
  9. The new or amended fee will be placed on the on-line list of course fees by Seawolf Services prior to registration for classes for the upcoming fall semester.

Course Fee Review Criteria & Guidelines

  • An analysis will happen every year with the following guidelines:
    • Each Fee will be audited on a two year cycle with half reviewed in an odd year and the other half reviewed in an even year.
    • Audits will include at minimum a review of expenditures, review of the trust agreement, and an explanation if the funds have not been spent down.
  • Additionally:
    • Any course fee that is less than 50% spent will be marked for review.
    • Departments requesting fee increases will be reviewed.
    • Proceeds from course fees can only be used for the purposes specified to create the fee.
    • Course fees will automatically expire for any course that has either been eliminated or not been taught for three or more years.

Procedure to Establish or Adjust Course Fees 

The online application and process will be available soon. In the meantime, please refer to the Course Fees policy for information about establishing or adjusting course fees.