IRA Annually Funded Programs

Annually funded programs make up 13.47% of the annual IRA budget and funding must be applied for on an annual basis. Funds must be utilized in the year that they are given and are not intended to rollover. In order to be considered, programs must meet the IRA funding criteria as outlined by how the Ed Code 89230 defines “IRA” and the following additional criteria:

  • Applications must be submitted by the deadline
  • Programs must be formally tied to a course
  • Programs must be at least partially funded by the university department

Annually funded programs cannot use IRA funds on:

  • Equipment used exclusively for classroom instruction
  • Hospitality expenses (refreshments, etc.) which exceed 25% of the IRA allocation
  • Promotional items (not including posters, flyers, etc.)
  • Gifts that honor, thank, or congratulate an individual or group
  • Faculty and professional staff salaries
  • Capital projects (building, remodeling, etc.)
  • Any activity or expenses not included in the original application proposal
  • Tuition and course fees
  • Grant in aid (scholarships, stipends, grants, etc.)
  • Retroactive funding without consent of the Fee Advisory Committee
  • Travel expenses for faculty and staff (if it is critical for faculty/staff members to travel, the university should fund this expense)