Standards of Conduct


Sonoma State University is a student-centered institution offering a broad array of academic programs to engage students in diverse learning environments that educate them to think critically and to expand their intellectual horizons while attaining the knowledge and skills necessary for responsible citizenship and productive careers. To maintain high standards, the University must furnish an atmosphere conducive to study and educational growth, as well as one that enables and assists students in developing in a positive manner. University rules and regulations form parameters for individual behavior on and off campus, and follow the normative standards of behavior adhered to by the City of Rohnert Park and Sonoma State University communities. By virtue of enrollment at Sonoma State University, each student consents to follow the policies and procedures of the university, including those outlined in this Code of Student Conduct. It is the individual student’s responsibility to be familiar with all applicable conduct-related policies. A student may access all the University policies online at: University Policies.  

The Office of Student Conduct is responsible for the adjudication of cases involving students and student organizations accused of violating campus rules, regulations, or policies; federal or state laws; and/or municipality ordinances. The University’s Office of Student Conduct’s purpose is to ensure the fair administration of the student conduct process while supporting a safe and inclusive educational environment for all students. Through this process, our goal is to educate students about their rights and responsibilities as well as provide feedback about behaviors that affect both themselves and the campus community. The Student Conduct process is not a legal process and is separate from federal, state, and local court proceedings. Instead, the standard of responsibility is based on a preponderance of evidence. The student conduct process is expected to: 

  • Determine responsibility for behaviors that violate university rules, policies, and federal, state, and local laws or ordinances 
  • Offer outcomes to assist students in learning about the impact of their actions on themselves and others within their respective communities
  • Protect the integrity of students, faculty, staff, the institution, and the University community

Faculty and Staff

Sonoma State University is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and productive work and academic environment for all members of our campus. Consistent with our concern for the well-being of faculty, staff and students, it is the policy of the University to maintain a work and academic environment free from drug and alcohol abuse. Employees must remain free from the influence of controlled substances or alcohol while on duty.  The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, sale, offer to sell, offer to purchase and/or unlawful use of controlled substances or alcohol on campus, or as any part of University-related activities, is prohibited.  Controlled substances include, but are not limited to, cannabis, heroin, cocaine, LSD, and amphetamines.

As a condition of employment, all California State University (CSU) employees (faculty, staff and student employees) must comply with the CSU Drug-Free Workplace Policy.  The Sonoma State University Drug-Free Workplace Policy is available at SSU Drug-Free Workplace.

All University students, faculty members, and staff are subject to local state and federal laws regarding the unlawful possession, distribution, or use of alcohol and illegal drugs. Violators are subject to University discipline, criminal prosecution and/or removal from University housing. The unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of illegal drugs on the University campus or at any University-sponsored event off-campus is also prohibited.