Pay it Forward

Sonoma State University has launched a 'Pay It Forward' program to help students experiencing financial hardships. This program will continue to help focus on health and wellness for our student population by providing meals to those in need through loyalty card sharing donations. To help support Sonoma State University students who lack adequate food supplies, University Culinary Venues are accepting donations of completed loyalty cards.

To make a donation, please look for donation boxes at each venue. Cards will then be distributed to students in need. The Lobo’s Food Pantry will be the distribution point, sharing the loyalty cards with students as they pick up their food supplies. This program is a part of the Sonoma State University Basic Needs Program that includes integrated support for students who are food insecure.

The program includes the Lobo’s Food Pantry, CalFresh application support, emergency hot meals in The Kitchen’s, short-term emergency housing, emergency loans, and now sharing of University Culinary Services loyalty cards. Through many campus partnerships, Sonoma State University is helping pave the way to a more stable educational environment for all students.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to health and safety standards during COVID-19, and limited dining options on campus, this program is not currently operating. 

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