Student Fee Advisory Committee

The Student Fee Advisory Committee was developed in accordance with CSU Executive Order (EO) 1102 (section IV.A.I). The committee is advisory to the President, who is delegated authority for the oversight and adjustment of Category II & III fees. Please see Description of Fee Categories for more information about the various fee categories.

The committee's main focus is on:

  • Category II – V fees (through appropriate & meaningful consultation),
  • Review Category II & III proposals for fee implementation or changes,
  • Review Category IV & V fees (informational),
  • Serve as the working body for a student related fee referendum.

Student Fee Advisory Committee


Per Executive Order 661, August 23, 1996

Superseded by:

  • Executive Order 740, April 2000
  • Executive Order 1034, June 26, 2008
  • Executive Order 1054, January 14, 2011
  • Executive Order 1102, July 22, 2015; Revised on: May 9, 2017

Advisory to:

University President


  • Associated Students President, or designee;
  • Associated Students Executive Vice President, or designee;
  • Associated Students Vice President of Finance, or designee;
  • 2 Students at Large, Appointed by Associated Students;
  • Chair of the Faculty, or designee;
  • Vice President of Academic Affairs/Provost, or designee;
  • Vice President of Administration and Finance, or designee;
  • Vice President of Student Affairs, or designee.

Term and Appointment:

By position, or recommended to be appointed on an annual basis.

Meeting Schedule:

One hour meetings twice a month during academic semesters. Does not meet in the summer session.

Charge to Committee:


Under the California State University Student Fee Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees on May 15, 1996, effective August 23, 1996, issued under Executive Order 661 (Fees, Rates, and Charges), the campus Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC) is charged both with the responsibility of (1) assessing the merit of a proposed fee in order to make a recommendation to the President regarding a referendum, and (2) preparing a voters' pamphlet which presents students with an objective analysis of the issues involved in the proposed fee. However, the act of recommending a student fee to the President inherently compromises the SFAC's ability to be totally objective and unbiased in preparing the voters' pamphlet for a referendum. The following actions are intended to resolve this conflict.


In the event of a proposed fee that would require a referendum, the SFAC immediately will divide into two subcommittees.

The first subcommittee will be responsible for assessing the merits of the proposal and formulating a recommendation to the President.

If the President approves a referendum, the second subcommittee will be responsible for creating a voters' pamphlet and other informational activities.

For purposes of this policy, the two subcommittees will act completely independently, with no overlapping membership or other activities that might compromise the integrity of the referendum process.

Current Year Membership:

  • Justin Arenson, AS Vice President for Finance; SFAC Co-Chair;
  • Noelia Brambila, AS President;
  • Elizabeth O’Brien, Seawolf Service Center Director, as designee for VP for Admin. & Finance;
  • Dr. Laura Monje-Paulson, Designee for VP for Student Affairs, and SFAC Co-Chair;
  • Briana Moreno Sanchez, AS Senator for Social Sciences;
  • Molly Clemons, AS Senator for Sustainability;
  • Christina Franco, AS Senetor for Community
  • Christina Gomez, AS Executive Vice-President;
  • Dr. Lauren Morimoto, Chair of the Faculty;
  • Dr. Hollis Robbins, Dean, School of Arts & Humanities as designee for Provost, VP for Academic Affairs.

Non-Voting Staff to the Committee:

  • Hayley Avery, Budget Manager, University Budget and Planning;
  • Erik Dickson, Executive Director, Associated Students and Staff to SFAC;
  • F. Shanon Little, Director of Financial Aid;
  • Hilary C. Smith, Research Services & User Experience Librarian; Student Affairs Committee Rep.

Procedure to Establish or Adjust Course Fees 

The online application and process will be available soon. In the meantime, please refer to the Course Fees policy for information about establishing or adjusting course fees. 


Contact Information

For questions or to report an irregularity, please email SFAC staff at