Basic Needs Task Force

Basic Needs Task Force 


March 2018, Per CSU Basic Needs Initiative and Senate Bill 85

Revised September 2019 

Advisory to:

SSU Basic Needs Executive Committee


  • Associate Director, Residential Leadership and Development
  • 2 Students from AS JUMP/Lobo Pantry
  • 1 EOP student, selected by EOP staff
  • CalFresh Advisors
  • Basic Needs Ambassadors
  • Community Partner, Redwood Empire Food Bank
  • Director of Culinary Services
  • 1 EOP Advisor
  • Exec. Director, Associated Students, will serve as Chair
  • Faculty appointed by Academic Senate
  • The HUB Cultural Center Representative
  • Student Health Center Representative
  • Counseling & Psychological Services Representative

Term and Appointment:

  • Indefinite by position for administrative appointments
  • One year renewable for student, staff and faculty appointments

Meeting Schedule:

  • Twice per semester; Sub-committees may meet more frequently. Does not meet during the Summer.
  • Must hold a minimum of three committee meetings per academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring).

Charge to Committee:

Per CSU Basic Needs Initiative:

  • Identify two primary goals for the school year.
  • Develop action plan to meet goals; create sub-committees, as necessary.  
  • Attend professional development workshops.
  • Attend annual CFO Subcontractor trainings.
  • Plan a campus awareness event during Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week (November).
  • Participate in CSU Systemwide CalFresh Day.
  • Submit a profile for the campus-wide Best Practices Directory.

In addition, the Basic Needs Task Force executes the priorities and objectives established by the Basic Needs Executive Committee via the Basic Needs Strategic Plan.

Current Year Membership and Terms:

  • Kathy Andersen, Health Services Rep 
  • Juliana Cerezo-Rangel, Student, CalFresh Advisor 
  • Claudia Delgado, Student, AS JUMP/Lobo Pantry 
  • Erik Dickson, Executive Director, Associated Students, Chair
  • Jonathan Juarez Dominguez, EOP Student 
  • Araceli Flores-Mendoza, AS JUMP/Lobo Pantry Coordinator
  • Maria Fuentes, Redwood Empire Food Bank
  • Jesus Garcia-Valdez, EOP Advisor
  • Jordan Grapentine, The HUB Cultural Center Rep.
  • Alex Holman, CalFresh Advisor
  • Nancy Keller, Director of Culinary Services 
  • Stacey Murray, Associate Dir. Residential Leadership and Development 
  • Prisicilla Saldaña, Staff Rep. & Basic Needs Ambassador
  • Talena Sanders, Faculty Rep. 
  • Kaila Shivers, Veteran Services and Transfer Advisor; Basic Needs Ambassador 
  • Amy Unger, Faculty Rep.

Staff to the Committee:

  • Sue Hardisty, Administrative Assistant, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs